Fibromyalgia Fatigue

Fibromyalgia fatigue

     Identified since 1985, chronic fibromyalgia fatigue syndrome corresponds to a intense weakening of the body that lasts more than 6 months and which not recover after a rest period. This condition does not present an obvious cause, but even the smallest daily fact turn out to be difficult. Fibromyalgia fatigue is a mysterious recognized disease in Western countries, but in many other countries this recognition is delayed.

     Imagine that every day you are suffering from flu, with muscle pain, that you are as exhausted as if you were running the marathon, and the condition lasts many weeks, months or even years. Here is what looks like fibromyalgia fatigue syndrome. It will not kill, but it will ruin your life.

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How fibromyalgia fatigue manifests:

     Even if the perception of the disease evolves, victims often feeling misunderstood by physicians. To this drawback is added a malaise, joint pain or muscle disturbances such as headaches. This syndrome has mysterious origins, even if research progresses.

     In reality, no one disputed the existence of unexplained fatigue, lack of energy which translates into up to exhaustion. The impact of these fibromyalgia fatigue symptoms on the quality of life and morale of the person affected is important. To recognize that fatigue is a persistent and unexplained fibromyalgia fatigue syndrome, certain criteria must be defined.

Fibromyalgia fatigue symptoms:

     The presence of this disease exists only if fatigue occurs more than 6 months and does not disappear after periods of rest, and not even if the daily activities are reduced by at least 50 percent. In addition, there must be at least four of these eleven symptoms:

  • Pain in the neck;
  • Swollen glands in the neck;
  • Joint pain;
  • Muscle pain;
  • Memory impairment and lack of concentration;
  • Headaches;
  • Digestive disorders: stomach or intestinal cramps, constipation, diarrhea, etc..;
  • Sleep disturbances;
  • Malaise lasting more than 24 hours after exercise;
  • Other events such as night sweats, palpitations, weakness, cough are taken into account.

     However, the diagnosis of this disease must be determined carefully, excluding any other cause of some medical or psychiatric condition that could explain the fatigue.

Fibromyalgia fatigue is an ignored disease:

     Those who are affected have trouble understanding the symptoms of which they suffer, especially because doctors have difficulties in identifying the diagnosis. The patient begins to run from one doctor to another to find out what's the cause of his sufferings. Unfortunately, the dialogue between patient and doctor can take a worse turn, because the patient does not know how to characterize the harm that he felt, using global terms, and the specialist seeks tangible items to establish the diagnosis.

     Explaining fibromyalgia fatigue is not always unique and then medical examinations must determine if perhaps there is a deficiency of iron. Endocrine disorders (thyroid, adrenal, the pituitary gland, parathyroid) can cause strong feelings of fatigue.

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Fibromyalgia fatigue in women:

     Fibromyalgia fatigue reaches mostly women. Experts explain this by the fact that women do not get serious about their leisure time and their diseases. In order to feel good, women should be more selfish. When a man is sick he stays in bed and postpones everything he has to do. When a woman is sick she continue to consume her energy for others. Then there is no surprise that women feel more tired than men. This is yet another reason to investigate fibromyalgia fatigue in a comprehensive way: physically, psychologically and socially.