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Fibromyalgia supplements- vitamin D

     Frequently, the lack of vitamin D is falsely diagnosed as fibromyalgia, which is a pain syndrome characterized mainly by muscle pain, and high sensitivity to pressure to certain points.

     If you press hard on the breastbone, and feel a pain or an unpleasant sensation, then you certainly suffer from lack of vitamin D. Be careful though, because the recommended daily dose of vitamin D as a fibromyalgia supplement is not available in U.S. pharmacies or in herbal shops. Marketing authorities allow only one fifth of this dose, because if they had access to larger amounts, would disappear the patients who are supporting the industry. Beside you should take vitamin D only if your doctor prescribes it for you as a fibromyalgia supplement.

Theories about fibromyalgia supplements:

     There were issued all sorts of theories to explain this disease: psychological, infectious, nutritional ... Recently, researchers have hypothesized an immune disorder. But that remains to be confirmed. In some cases, the disease can occur after a viral infection. This disease is characterized by chronic fatigue and multiple diffuse pain throughout the body.

     Besides well-known diseases that cause fatigue (cancer, anemia, endocrine problems, hepatitis, sleep apnea, etc.) it is difficult to diagnose it because certain diseases could be involved, and this makes it harder for the doctor to prescribe the needed supplements. Hemochromatosis, iron overload disease, apparently is unnoticed and it is believed to be the origin of chronic unexplained fatigue.

     There is still no specific treatment for fibromyalgia with supplements and the proposed solutions aimed only to relieve the symptoms. Moral support is important because the consequences on the quality of life are manifested in the exclusion of the patient from family or social environment.

     There have been tried many therapies in case of fibromyalgia, such as immunoglobulin, corticoids, drugs to stimulate immunity or to change the level of nutrition (vitamins, minerals ...). But no drug has proven efficient, and the effect of pills was not successful.

The results of 44 medical studies about fibromyalgia supplements:

     For a strange affection different treatments are prescribed. As was suspected, all sorts of therapies have been tried for fibromyalgia patients. Two teams of British and American researchers have proposed to find out if there are real ways to treat this syndrome.

     To do this research they used 19 specialized medical data banks, they have completed 350 studies of which they choose 44, from where they selected a total of 2801 patients. The selection criteria for these studies consisted of their scientific rigor and present a therapeutic solution.

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     Their results are closer to mentioned treatments above. While many patients complain of pain when working hard, moderate exercise would be welcome in reducing this symptom. As things stand in terms of cognitive therapy, which reduces fatigue and improves the quality of life for patients. According to experts, these findings do not prove yet that the affection is only of psychological origin. Even if the disease is due to a malfunction of the body, restoring physical activity and psychological therapy could alleviate serious consequences.

     Instead, the benefits of drugs that act on the immune system proved to be uncertain, although some treatments such as immunoglobulin or corticoids seem to have some positive effects, but are limited.

     Regarding the other proposed strategies: nutritional supplements (amino acids, vitamins, minerals ...), antidepressants or other unconventional treatments (osteopathy, homeopathy, massage ...), studies have shown that there are positive clinical effects, but insufficient if they are practiced separately.

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